Full production cycle

  • Design
  • Pre-press
  • Printing
  • Finishing

Wide range of label types

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Multi-layer labels and promotional labels
  • Commercial tags
  • Closure labels

Whole range of protection measures for security printing products

  • Traditional protection techniques
  • Protected dyes and pigments
  • Protective materials
  • Modern and experimental  protection
Social audit
The “Neoprint” Co. successfully passed supervision audit for compliance with the ISO:2015 specificat...
Neoprint Will Take Part In The Securika Moscow 2020 Exhibition
NEOPRINT will take part in the Securika Moscow 2020 exhibition. Securika Moscow is the largest industry...
The “NPO Neoprint” LLC has completed a transaction to buy ”THE INNOVATION CARDS AND SYSTEMS” LLC...
Аbout us
Neoprint is a large printing complex that handles all stages of the world’s most popular forms of printing, including flexography, screen printing, offset printing and holography. Our company is a supplier for major FMCG manufacturers, retailers, logistics operators, and airline companies, and also cooperates with customers in the public sector.
We handle printing projects of any complexity with top-notch results and offer our clients comprehensive solutions in three general areas: labels, tickets, and security printing.
We understand that the viability of any innovation depends on the profit it brings its owner. For this reason, our number one concern at Neoprint when debuting a new product is that it gives our clients a real economic benefit.
To guarantee truly great results we thoroughly analyze the market, invest in our own production capacities, constantly improve on our operating procedures, and recruit only the best talent. We believe that our tireless efforts guarantee our stability and give us confidence in the future.